Body Worn Cameras

Raleigh eyes body cams for police

Body cams
Body cams could add extra dimension to police work.

We know today’s law enforcement and public safety environments demand a high level of transparency and accountability to multiple levels of government, the courts, public defenders, attorneys and the citizens.  Envision and our solution partners have collaborated to provide a comprehensive, optimized, turn-key solution to mitigate many of the legal and financial risks associated with traffic stops, pursuits, detentions and arrests.  It is also the most reliable and cost effective solution based on both your short-term and long-term video retention needs as may be required by policy, legislative, and court mandates.  The Argus solution is designed to preserve the integrity of the officer while allowing the transparency the general public demands.  Reliability counts heavily across all components of the system when you face political and financial risks.


Envision Enterprise Solutions is a leading integrator of complimentary technology that forms a seamless, end to end solution for law enforcement agencies to gain this invaluable tool.   The cornerstone of our solution is STORAGE.   As many departments across the county are discovering as they implement body cameras, the storage needs created by the constant generation of new data can quickly overwhelm.   Many have reluctantly chosen cloud storage solutions to avoid a large capital outlay and prefer the metered billing method that cloud offers.

With our Partner, Zadara, we can implement a no capital cost solution that is gives the same benefit, but with a completely secure, CJIS certified on premises solution.

Coupled with our video evidence software solution by LightStream our clients can efficiently and effectively manage the data being stored insuring that retention policies are met and most importantly, evidence is protected and secure.

VP360 cameras round out our integrated solution.   Whether you need a fully integrated vest solution, epaulette, or a helmet/halo solution VP360 can customize and tailor a solution.