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Create More Sales Opportunities by Connecting With Your Customers & Prospects Through Their Technology

No one wants to miss opportunities to sell more vehicles or enhance customer relationships in the service department. By leveraging a dealership’s existing Wi-Fi technology, your management can create greater awareness of customers on the lot, obtain accurate traffic counts and real time accountable information, track guest locations, and locate dealership’s team members during and after working hours. THIS MEANS ENGAGED CUSTOMERS AND GREATER SALES VOLUME.

Today marketing to the customer doesn’t start until a salesman or service advisor approaches and engages the customer. With Envision EES Automotive technology information immediately begins flowing to you as the customer drives on the property and becomes connected to your Wi-Fi network. Your text messages pop up on their smart phone welcoming them to the dealership. If they are a return customer, integration with the CRM system means they get a personalized greeting.

Key Benefits

Target Your Audience: EES Automotive Makes it easy to segment and identify mobile subscribers. The management team can send your personalized messages based on location, demographics, and individual customer preferences.

Mobile Marketing Automation: Automate transactional mobile messages to send content to your customers in real time — such as service/sales alerts, specials notifications, or parts shipment arrival.

This keeps them engaged and allows dealers to promote specific vehicles, service specials, etc.

Create mobile campaigns with custom templates. Set up mobile marketing automation, like mobile tickets, alerts, coupons, and surveys — including pictures, videos, and audio with MMS and SMS.

Track Mobile Campaigns: Manage short codes, add keywords, and edit customer lists. Access real-time reporting on your mobile performance, including opt-ins, opt-outs, and messages sent or delivered.

Monitor Staffing Levels: Where’s Joe? This system lets you know when staff enters and leaves the property, so when Joe is on the test drive, you can have another staffer work with customer or prospect until Joe returns.

Notify Everybody Now: Need to send an important message to the management team? . . . all employees? . . . or maybe just the sales team? Rule based notifications allow communications to be effective, timely and targeted.

Tap into the Power of Social Media: Everyone’s on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so EES provides everything marketers need to cultivate more meaningful social relationships. Explore ways to manage your social strategy, and engage with customers and prospects in a whole new way.

Recognize and Differentiate Between Visitor Types

  • We provide intelligence from visitor movement and dwell times within the car lots (zones) and enable staff to take necessary action
  • Differentiate visitor intent
    – General browsers
    – Prospective Customer
    – Buyer
  • Staff can add ‘Actionable’ tags to visitors for future reference.


    EES Automotive is next generation technology to help grow and strengthen relationships between staff, customers and the management team.  Quite simply it’s a receptionist, sales manger, and spotter all in one.

We invite you to learn more how this cost efficient, cutting edge technology can put you ahead of your competition.

Call Chuck Barker our partner and monthly contributor for Dealer Magazine for 13 years at (540) 746-9988 to learn how easy it is to create more closing opportunities for your sales and service departments or submit your info here and we will respond promptly.

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