Raleigh Eyes Body Worn Cameras from Envision

Envision EES is proud to announce that we are submitting a proposal to the Raleigh Police Department to provide a complete Body Worn Camera solution.   Our integrated solution includes one of our cornerstone services with our partner Zadara.   By providing a metered on premises storage solution we are bringing all the cost advantages of a cloud storage solution while providing all the security of having an onsite data storage solutions.   RPD will only pay for the data it stores, not have to purchase a 3 or 5 year capacity that requires an enormous upfront capital expenditure.

Envsion Body Camera

Additionally, through our VP360 Argus cameras (see above) we are able to provide a durable, integrated solution for RPD officers to wear every day.   Highly dependable, quickly deployable and easy to operate these cameras will be a very economical solution for RPD to implement.   In conjunction with vehicle mounted cameras and other city or department owned cameras our solution will provide a multi-point documented view of any incident.

Many local law enforcement agencies with body worn camera initiatives are surprised at how quickly it becomes cost- prohibitive to store video evidence to meet state and federal retention policy requirements. In addition, multi-tenant cloud solutions that share resources with other applications create security and chain of custody issues.

The VP360 Argus Body Camera Solution provides the unique option to reside either on-premise, within the agency’s own four walls, or in a remote cloud data center — whichever the agency prefers. It is CJIS compliant, infinitely scalable, readily configured, and delivers industry-leading reliability with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Because the solution is provided as a service, the VP360 Argus eliminates typical video storage equipment maintenance and troubleshooting hassles.

Proper system integration is essential. Therefore, Lightstream’s specialized field technicians deploy the VP360 Argus solution leveraging their longstanding expertise in integrating complex systems while supporting core business functions. For those agencies preferring a cloud-based solution, Lightstream can access hundreds of diverse data centers and colocation facilities around the world to meet customer requirements for performance, scalability and cost.

The VP360 Argus solution includes the body camera, backend hardware, digital video management application, and storage of all recorded video data. It incorporates a custom-developed solution using Zadara Storage technology for the storing, retrieving, sharing and archiving of captured video in an on-premise, pay-as-you-go business model. The VP360 Argus Body Camera Solution also integrates SoleraTec’s Digital Evidence Management solution, Phoenix DEM, for evidentiary video and file management. With its native ability to use cost-effective, multi-tiered storage configurations, the Argus solution dramatically reduces the overall cost of maintaining larger amounts of digital evidence over longer periods of time, while giving the user a quick and easy way to search for and review required video evidence.